At least they realize their limitations…

April 16th, 2011 | Leave a comment | Retail Stores
At least they realize their limitations…

Usually, stores hire kids who can’t add or subtract and put them on a cash register – probably just to annoy and aggrevate the customers who can add and subtract.

The Whiner likes to think of this as a step forward (of sorts); at least this store realizes that they hire incompetent help.

sign At least they realize their limitations...

(Photo actually taken on a Whiner shopping trip.)

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Use our automated system — please!

April 04th, 2011 | Leave a comment | Retail Stores
Use our automated system — please!

When Henny Youngman used to say stuff like that, people would laugh – realizing that it was a joke.
Now, they just follow instructions without question, and end up suffering the consequences.

Today’s specifics? The automated refill system at my local Rite Aid Pharmacy (although I’m sure the same thing happens at almost every other pharmacy in America in 2011).

Start of the month – time to call in the prescriptions.
10 am. My wife, like a good do-bee, “presses ’1′ for the automated refill system.” Entering each of her prescriptions takes forever.
2pm. The Whiner ignores the automated refill system, “presses ’3′ to speak with someone in the pharmacy,” ignores their exaggerated groan when he tells them “I have six prescriptions to refill,” and is done in less than a minute.
3:30pm The Whiner arrives at Rite Aid.
Guess whose prescriptions are ready for pickup – and whose are still waiting to be filled?

Has anyone ever found an automated system that saves the customer time?
Didn’t think so.

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