Three things…

June 24th, 2014 | Leave a comment | Life
Three things…

1. It would be really nice if the Publisher’s Clearing House shows up at The Whiner’s house on June 30 with one of those oversized checks that they allegedly deliver regularly to winners of their sweepstakes. One has to wonder, though — if they really do deliver oversized checks to winners regularly, why have they been showing the same video footage of the same people at the same “winner’s house” for the last seven years? Have all of the winners since then refused to sign releases?

2. It would be really, really nice if members of Congress spent their time worrying about things like the budget, wars which never really end, and the disappearance of the word “compromise” from our national dialogue — rather than wasting time holding hearings to rail against manufacturers of electronic cigarettes who offer flavored products.

3. It would be really, really, really nice if there was some way to find out whether a medication is still necessary — other than just discontinuing the medication, and waiting to see if the problem returns.

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On False Starts and The Muppets

March 08th, 2014 | Leave a comment | Food, Life, TV
On False Starts and The Muppets

OK, OK, so maybe The Whiner wasn’t quite ready to start blogging again last summer.

Shit happens, especially to someone as shit-prone as The Whiner.

At any rate, he’s ready to make another attempt at regular whines (please, hold your applause and don’t bother throwing things, he’s behind one of those cages that the Blues Brothers used when they performed at dives).

On to business…..

The over-commercialization of the Muppets has been sort of a sad thing to watch over the years – although totally understandable, since there’s so much money out there for iconic performers and characters ready to sell their souls.

There comes a time, though, when things just go too far. This abomination assailed The Whiner’s senses last night:

Now,The Whiner has been drinking Lipton Tea for decades. The Whiner will also freely admit that just about anything with Animal in it makes him laugh. And it’s nice to see Animal finally get a starring role in something.

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The Whiner Returns…

August 19th, 2013 | Leave a comment | Life
The Whiner Returns…

So, where has the Whiner been? This may be hard to believe, but he’s been on a two year medication break.

A couple of years ago, he started taking a prescription medication to help with “rage issues.” It worked really well – so well, in fact, that life’s minor (and major) irritations only lasted a few moments before miraculously vanishing. And that means that the need to vent on this blog basically went away.

The problem was that the medication also has a few “minor” side effects. (You know, the ones they slip by you during the barely understandable disclaimer that the soothing female voice races through on the commercials while you look at beautiful sunsets and adorable puppies.) For this med, the side effects include the possibility (likelihood?) of major weight gain, and a considerable impact on glucose levels.

So 35 pounds and a highly elevated glucose level later, it was time to stop the medication and return to rage city.

The Whiner is now back at his original weight (still weighing too much, but not grossly overweight), a little less worried about diabetes, and not spending his evenings thinking about what he’s going to have for his midnight meal.

And he is still mad about things 30 minutes after the fact, giving him enough time to sit down at the computer and share.

Is that a good thing or bad thing? Hard to say. It probably means he’ll live longer – at least, long enough to share lots of whines.

What could they POSSIBLY be thinking?

April 16th, 2011 | Leave a comment | Computers, Life
What could they POSSIBLY be thinking?

The Whiner understands that humans seek challenges.
The Whiner understands that in this digital age, “mischievous” can quickly become “nasty” or even “malevolent.”
The Whiner also understands that some people are just naturally bad people.

What The Whiner does not understand — is why some people would create a virus/trojan/rootkit package so virulent and evil that its only real purpose is to destroy the hard drives of people who just happen to “be there.”

And not being able to comprehend the thought process behind something like that is probably a good thing.

At any rate, The Whiner is back – and so is his computer.


April 01st, 2011 | Leave a comment | Life

I’ll christen this blog with a small story about big cars – which may explain a little about The Whiner – and about Fine Whine.

I’ve lived in Southern California for the last 10 years. And two things became quickly apparent.
1. Most parking lots are too small – and most parking spaces in those lots are tiny. (That’s because land here is so valuable.)
2. Most cars here are big – way too big for those tiny parking spaces. (Hummers and Range Rovers used to be a major part of the mix; these days, it’s mostly mini-vans and SUVs, ranging from big to enormous and usually occupied by one person.)

At first, it was somewhat amusing to watch people try to maneuver their cars in the small lots, and park their cars in the tiny spaces. Usually, it just took them forever. Occasionally, it led to accidents.
Very quickly, though, sharing parking lots with these people became a nuisance. Then, it became really annoying. Finally, it became a nightmare.
If you’re a typically laid-back, native Southern Californian, you take stuff like this in stride.
But if you’re from an East Coast city? Not a chance. It’ll drive you nuts.
And depending on the day, daily experiences like this can turn The Whiner’s state of mind from frustrated — to angry — to almost homicidal.

It used to be enough to call out to the flummoxed drivers, “Hey! Get a bigger car!” Not anymore.
I needed a more expressive outlet for my reactions. Thus was born Fine Whine.
I hope you enjoy it.

(I was tempted to call this blog “Get A Bigger Car!” but I figured this explanation would take up WAY too much space in the sidebar.)


The Whiner is finally going public, after decades of annoying, aggravating and trying the patience of friends and family. The Whiner’s background is in media, business and the internet, so his Whines often focus on stupid or incomprehensible events in those areas. However, they also focus on the incredible incompetence and obliviousness he encounters in his everyday life.

You may encounter the same level of daily frustration as the Whiner does. However, he doubts it.

In real life, The Whiner does have a name, an MBA, and a consulting business specializing in common sense solutions to media and internet problems. Reach him via email – or join him on Facebook or Twitter.


This Will Be Filled (eventually)

What, you think I have nothing better to do than fill every little space the designer put onto the blog? Don't worry, I'll get around to it. And if I don't? I doubt it will matter very much to you or anyone else. So stop reading the sidebar already and go read the posts.

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